So what is it about wedding trends, and staying with the New Year’s fashion? Well they do evolve year upon year. Although new ideas emerge and can be distinctly different from the previous, they never replace the traditional. Any of the ideas listed below which encapsulates wedding décor, floral and fashion components change constantly it is rare that an old one is replaced.

To us at CJ’s it just means that each year we add to our already-incredible roster of big-day ideas. That means you can pick and choose the wedding trends of the past that resonate with you wilst still adding to your even with of-the-moment touches.

As for the trends that’ll blow your mind in 2019? Brand-new ceremony set-ups (ceremonies in the round are on the rise!), nontraditional floral components (like pampas grass and wheat!), balloon installations, vellum invitation suites, and velvet accents are just a few of the stand-out ideas on this list.

Return to Classic

While modern, edgy wedding décor is certainly on the rise, there are plenty of couples who want to bring back traditional design elements. This means that the classic ballroom wedding is having a moment once again: “The traditional, elegant dinner party wedding is back in fashion,” she says. “For inspiration, think of the special elements in your grandmother’s dining room—silver candlesticks, monogramed linen napkins, Battenburg lace overlays, and crystal stemware all have a place in this beautiful and timeless wedding trend.” We have added many centerpieces in our hire stock to maintain the beauty of tradition and elegance.

Statement Wedding Cakes

We are delighted to see that to see the statement cake back on trend in 2019.” Dessert displays with an assortment of treats dominated the wedding scene in 2018, but more and more couples are “trending back towards splurging on one big focal statement cake instead,” “There’s something so iconic about a wedding cake, so why not go big and bold?” These these brazen, eye-catching confections are even better in full color: “Warm bronze, soft gray, pale blue, and gold are some of my favorite fondant tones,” she adds.

Royal Wedding-Inspired Flower Decor

It’ll be interesting to see how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding inspires the nuptials of the future, we predict that the couple’s larger-than-life floral installations will be a main source of influence. “No one can forget that dramatic entrance into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding,” Large flower installations over the door are going to be popular in 2019. Bringing the outdoors in, for 2019 weddings, greenery continues to be a classic go-to shade, with flowers and foliage becoming more organic and lush. “Trees and use of foliage throughout floral designs will take centre stage,” “Florals will be natural, whimsical and romantic.”

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