‘Cheap’ And ‘Good Deal’ Are Not The Same Thing

If you are reading this first and foremost, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!!

So now you start the seemingly stressful period of planning your wedding, Pinterest Board is filling up with ideas of the wedding décor your want and at the same time sticking to a budget, which can so very easily get out of hand.

Perhaps your natural instinct is to look around for what appears to be the best deals available, this article will hopefully help you realize that cheap is not always good value.

“The benefits of hiring a professional service for your wedding are huge. It’s an investment that will save you time, money, effort, and your sanity! Brides need to hand over to professionals where they can because it can be very stressful to juggle lots of plates – which is the last thing you need while planning your wedding. Even if you have years to plan, it will all come to a head a few weeks before your wedding and that’s the time when a Bride to be needs to be focusing on herself – looking and feeling the best she can and letting the professionals work their magic in the field they know inside and out. The best thing about hiring is the peace of mind.

Sadly, we have heard some stories from brides who have hired items that weren’t up to scratch. Chair covers were dirty, votives were chipped, dance floor installed badly, the list goes on, and sadly some of these negligent situations can lead to accidents… so do check that you’re hiring from a reputable company and go with personal recommendations if you can.

So, what to do, check online reviews, better still ask for references from previous customers.

We at CJ’s have operated in this manner for many years, which is why we were Guides for Brides Finalists for 2017 & 2018.

The Guides for Brides website is a perfect start to check reviews and recommendations of most of your wedding needs. We are proud to be listed and recognized by an organization such as Guides for Brides which has been recognised as an industry leader since the launch in 1995 and has worked with some of the biggest names around. From partnerships with shows like The National Wedding Show, BRIDES The Show and Conde Nast Traveller to media coverage in OK Magazine, Vogue and more.

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