Or (how to survive a bunch of little crazy people taking over your house overnight)

Sleepover parties are heaven for children but without a little forethought and planning can be hellish for you as the host.

Making sure the sleepover is a level sleeping field.

We at CJ’s Wedding and Event planning have this one covered for you. You know the scenario, sleepover arguments, who sleeps where, top bunk, head to toe in beds etc. Well by using our Glamping packages for sleepovers this problem is solved. With a package to suit every childs dream indoor camping adventure.

What age is a child ready for a sleepover?

That is probably around 7 or 8 years of age, you will know yourself. When your child starts asking to sleepover with friends or wants to invite the gang to yours.

To make sure all the guests are ready though is another thing. It’s probably best to give them an opt out arranged with their parents. That a quick telephone call home for mummy and daddy to come and collect them at bed time or anytime they need.

What size guest list?

Well if you have 2 responsible adults on hand to supervise 6-10 little people is fine. Just be sure that it is an even number of children, that way it is unlikely anyone will be left out. It is probably not the best time for new friends to be introduced to the crowd either.

Honour the guest’s parents.

The success of the party is proportional to the sharing of information, both ways. The invites should clearly state the drop off and pick up times, whether meals are included, what kids should bring, if there are any planned activities and a contact number.
Find out from the friends parents what their childs night-time routines are, food allergies, fear of the dark, they may also expect a phone call before bed.

Try and make sleep possible – don’t laugh, it is worth a try

There is no chance that setting a sleep time will be heard, or even sleep will come when the lights go out. There are a few things you can do though, so you don’t have a bunch of giggling kids at 4.00 doing the shark or whatever the latest craze is happening. Let them know what time you will put the lights out, an hour or so beforehand, dim the lights, and at lights out, give them a torch. If an hour or so after lights out the crazy little people are still in party mode. Just send in Dad, or go sleep in the room yourself.

Prepare for the extras that have been forgotten

Make sure you have prepared for the unexpected, forgotten toothbrushes and toiletries. Prepare a list of all the parents phone numbers that will be easy to find, finding a phone number at 2.00 am because the child is homesick or feeling unwell, just reduces your stress just a little

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