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We’ve split our business into four divisions to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Wedding Decorations

We have plenty of Wedding decoration items and room decor, so if you are planning your wedding yourself and wish to make your venue even more special, take a look at all of our products.

Event Entertainment

We’ve got a vast range of entertainment functions which are sure to please almost any audience from Photo Booths, to Magic Selfie Mirrors.

Event Decorations

Decorating venues for events can be a bit of nightmare. It’s difficult for most people to know where to draw the line on what’s too much and what’s not enough. We’ve been spotted decorating local office parties, birthday parties, corporate lunches, and much more!

Addons Items

Have you already got everything you need but something just doesn’t feel quite right? Check out our Addons items to add the final touch to your special event.

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