9 Tips For Delivering A Great Wedding Speech

You spend thousands of pounds for your wedding. You order flowers, great food, a nice band, and a good photographer. But it is not these things that you want your wedding day to be remembered for. You want your guests to experience a special feeling at your wedding....

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4 Important People You Should Invite To Your Wedding

The day of the wedding is a special one, and we tend to get excited about a lot of things. In the rush of excitement, we often forget some important things like inviting key people to the wedding. Now you don’t want to do that because this might trigger negative...

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7 Foods To Avoid Prior To Your Wedding Day

You’ve done your best to be in your best shape for the wedding day. You have spent months working your wedding look. You don’t want to give it all up at the last moment, do you? What you eat the day before your wedding determines how you look on the most important day...

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5 Ways to Ace The Wedding Photography Game

Wedding photography mistakes last a lifetime. The pictures taken on your wedding day will be seen by thousands of people over the course of your lifetime. Whenever you look at these pictures you need to be reminded of the most beautiful moments of your special day....

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7 Tips To Avoid A Wedding Disaster

The wedding day is something every little girl dreams of. It is the big day! In our collective imagination, weddings are beautiful, dreamy, and make you want to cry with happiness. But what if it turns into a nightmare? What will you do if it turns out to be the worst...

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14 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Planning

The wedding. Everybody knows what it is. Little girls dream about it and little boys think about the kiss that seals the deal. You’ve watched the rom-coms, read those romantic novels, and have already picked out the perfect song that will play during your magical...

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