You spend thousands of pounds for your wedding. You order flowers, great food, a nice band, and a good photographer. But it is not these things that you want your wedding day to be remembered for. You want your guests to experience a special feeling at your wedding. If you want people to feel something at your wedding, write a great speech.

The following tips will help you deliver the best wedding speech, and it will make your guests speechless:

1. Set Aside At Least A Week For Your Speech

There’s no worse feeling than delivering your speech and realizing that you forgot to mention somebody. You only get one shot at giving your wedding speech, and you want it to be perfect. Brainstorm for a week as to how you want to deliver your speech.

Work out the pauses and silences in your speech to make it the most effective!

Practice Makes Perfect

2. Never Use Generic Sentences

To be honest, generic wedding speeches are boring. We have all listened to millions of such speeches, and we do not have the patience to listen to another one. Just stay true to whatever you want to say, and chuck out all the formalities. You will be surprised at how many people will love your speech for its uniqueness.

Avoid Generic Phrases

3. Smile!

Smile, and everyone will fall in love with you. You can’t even imagine how contagious a smile is. Smile as frequently as possible to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. But don’t smile too often; you might run the risk of looking like an idiot.


4. Tell Jokes.

Nothing engages people like a good laugh! Make jokes that your audience will relate to, and they’ll love you for it. Starting off your speech with a joke is a great way to break the ice with your audience.

Thats So Funny

5. Be Honest.

This is the problem with most of the wedding speeches. Solve this problem, and your speech will be better than the majority of people. Most people read out their speech from a piece of paper. This causes an immediate disconnect between the speaker and the audience. Utter every word like you mean it.

Be Honest

6. Make Eye Contact.

Look at the people you are addressing, and try to create an emotional moment people can relate to. Make eye contact with your audience from time to time to make them attentive. When you are speaking about the groom’s mother, look at her directly and speak to her one on one instead of making it sound like a formal speech.

Make Eye Contact

7. Fret Not If You Mess Up.

Remember that it is very common to make mistakes during your speech. At that moment it might seem like a huge blunder, but be sure of the fact that none of the guests at your wedding want you to feel embarrassed. Correct yourself with simple phrases and just move on.


8. Practice In Front Of A Mirror

Hold your phone in your hand and practice in front of your mirror just to know what you look like. But don’t overdo it for you run the risk of becoming self-conscious on the day of the wedding.

This will increase your self-confidence, and help you deliver the perfect speech!

Practice Infront Of A Mirror

9. Beware of Long Speeches

Take care of the duration of your speech. Nobody likes a long speech. Neither does anyone appreciate a short 20-second speech. The duration of your speech has to be perfect in order to be effective.

Brad Pitt gets bored when you make long speeches:

Beware Long Speeches

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