Choosing a wedding venue is an extremely crucial part of the wedding. Your decision will make or break your special day. So be wary of your decision before making the final call. Ideally, you should speak to a friend who has gotten married recently so that you get an idea of what to anticipate going further.

But these 10 tips will pretty much help you choose the perfect wedding venue!

1. Budget Everything To The Minutest Detail!

Sit down with your fiancé to discuss how much you are willing to spend for your wedding. This will be helpful for you in choosing the right venue inside your budget while you leave room for catering costs, music, and other decorations.

Ideally, you shouldn’t spend more than 40% of your total budget on your wedding venue because you might book your dream venue, but there won’t be a lot of money left for other expenses.


2. Check Out Blogs Of Wedding Photographers.

When you go to check out a wedding venue, everything will be prepared for your visit. So you’ll never know what the real thing looks like. Surf the internet for wedding photographers’ blogs to know what the real deal is.

This tip will also help you to zero in on a venue if you cannot visit the venue during the season you will be getting married.

5 Ways to Ace The Wedding Photography Game

3. The Wedding Date!

If you can be flexible with your wedding date and can postpone or prepone it by a month, you could get the venue you want for half the price. That is, plan your wedding during the off-season, and everything will be affordable!

Wedding Date

4. Consider Nature.

Imagine yourself in the lap of nature getting married to the person of your dreams amidst family and friends. It will be a wedding worth remembering for years to come, and you will not burn a hole in your pocket!

Wedding In Nature

5. Have Lots Of Options.

You might want to get the whole thing over with after checking out a couple of venues, but persistence is the key! Trust us, keep at it, and you will eventually find an affordable place that is the perfect fit for you.

Many Options

6. Discuss With Your Photographer Before Choosing The Venue.

Before zeroing in on a venue, you should consult your photographer because some venues are just too dark to click good photographs. You might feel like a venue has enough lighting, but only a trained eye like a photographer’s would know if it really is.

Photo Perfect Wedding

7. Outdoor Venues Are Risky.

Some outdoor venues are just beautiful, and you might be tempted to grab them at the first sight. But think about what the weather might be like on your wedding day. If you’re getting married during the rainy season, we wouldn’t recommend an outdoor venue.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

We hope you will keep all of this in mind and choose the venue of your dreams!

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