Top Tips for a Successful Glamping Sleepover

Or (how to survive a bunch of little crazy people taking over your house overnight) Sleepover parties are heaven for children but without a little forethought and planning can be hellish for you as the host. Making sure the sleepover is a level sleeping field. We at...

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Glamping for children

CJ’s Party Hire – Glamping for children – Usual Price £40.00 per tent, Special Offer of £35.00 for the next 10 bookings. Available for all occasions including birthday parties, sleepovers, weddings and more! The team at CJ’s will set up the number of required tents...

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Celebrity Photoshoot with Samantha Faiers – My Babiie.

SAM Faiers has announced she is launching a collection with My Babiie. CJ's Party Hire have had to use the upmost discretion regarding our most recent booking, however are mega excited to announce our flower wall, blossom trees and backdrop were hired by My Babiie,...

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5 Corporate Event Tips to Impress Your Client

Trends in the corporate world keep changing every day! Not staying updated with the latest trends can mean death in the corporate game. So to throw a great corporate event, you need to keep several things in mind, and do a lot of research to impress your client. But...

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5 Tips to Pull Off The Perfect Corporate Event

Whether it is to launch a new product, or to reward your employees for their commendable collective effort, a beautiful corporate event is the one and only answer. With thousands of ideas scattered all over the internet regarding corporate event management, it is very...

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