Most people these days are starting to struggle to decide what little bump their special day needs. We at CJ’s Party Hire have put our best ideas onto paper to help you piece together your beautiful wedding wonderland.


Lights, Lights & More Lights!

Giving your room/hall/venue the sparkle it needs is as important as the wedding cake that every bride-to-be dreams of. Lighting has a huge effect on the overall look and mood of a room.

With hundreds of well-placed tea lights or grand candelabras as table centrepieces, you’ll be sure to make jaws drop in awe. Adding a tremendous LED white backdrop is a great way to brighten up a room; We’d recommend positioning it behind the Bride & Groom’s top table.

Another great idea involves hanging lights from the ceiling of your room. Plenty of small chandeliers, chic lanterns or other types of lights hanging from above can completely transform the atmosphere of a space from feeling empty and hollow, to warm and inviting.

Experts tell us that by utilising uplighting in warm peach and light pink colours, you’ll instil your venue with an everlasting glow that just works so perfectly with most special occasions. If you’re looking to add a little twinkle to the evening, then cover the room pillar candles but don’t light them until the time is right!

If you’re looking for a large, off-centre spectacle then CJ’s Party Hire’s giant LED LOVE Letters are a perfect choice. Fantastic for photos as well as something for your guests to smile at as they stroll into your venue, the LED Love Letters are exactly what you need to brighten up your life.

LED Love Letters

Chair Covers

In general, when we think about what it is that we want to do to spruce up a wedding decoration to be elegant and decadent, the majority of us will naturally assume that large stacks of hard earned cash is required to achieve that magical look we’ve all got in our heads. Here’s the little secret as to how you can transform those ordinary, dull wedding chairs into vibrant, fashionable and sophisticated pedestals for your guests.

These days it’s not necessarily required that you break your bank when preparing for your wedding venue. For example, converting your ordinary chair into a more stylish version can really make a difference that your guests will appreciate. It only gets better from here. What if we told you that you do not have to buy new chairs just for your wedding? No Seriously! All you need to do is to engulf those old chairs with our gorgeous spandex covers.

Rows of dated, padded chairs can be a killer of the romantic, loving atmosphere that you need for your special day. Go for the more unusual look of brightly coloured sashes wrapped around spandex covered chairs.

Chair Covers provide any future husband and wife a budget friendly but gorgeous alternative to hiring new chairs altogether. Rows and rows of beautifully colour coded seats can completely change the style of a space to match exactly whatever you want.

Chair Covers


The chances are that your chosen wedding venue might have wallpaper or paint which may clash with your wonderful colour scheme. You can literally create another world entirely by hanging up large, majestic drapes from the ceiling or across the walls. Choose a fabric and colour tone that goes in line with what you’ve got planned, or stick with the clean, traditional look of white drapes.

Wall or Ceiling Drapes can and will provide the finishing touch to the transformation process. You’ll get tons of different style options and combinations by combining our uplighting or LED features with the grandness of Ceiling and Wall Drapes.

Try to avoid on placing super tall table centrepieces when being faced with really high ceilings; the table centrepieces might get in the way. Why not try to drop the ceiling with our elegant Ceiling Drapes and replace the tall, majestic table centrepieces with short, shabby chic versions.

Ceiling Drapes

Free Secret: Lights + Ceiling Drapes = A Magical twinkle wonderland!

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